By Julia Rymer, artboss co-founder

Something I hear often from creatives is that they hate social media. They hate the political posts, the privacy issues, the over-sharing, the fighting that breaks out, or just having to take the time to post. I totally hear you all! I have had to take social media breaks for myself many times as well. It can get overwhelming and fill your time and headspace with useless information.

Despite the negative associations you might have, social media remains an incredible tool for marketing your creative work and business, as well as for networking and building your brand. There are ways to handle it so that it doesn’t stress you out, which I will share with you.

  1. Remember: social media is another tool in your arsenal to build your business. Remember when there were people who refused to get cel phones? And then they realized that all the pay phones had gone away, and they needed a way to contact friends and family… and they broke down and got a cel phone. Social media is sort of like that—a connection device to reach out to those that would like your work and potentially buy it or hire you. It is a tool for promoting and building your business.
  2. Assess your need for privacy. You don’t have to post anything that you do not want to post. You do not have to engage with abusive conversations. You don’t even have to look through your newsfeed. All you really need to do is post your work, your services, and information about both on a regular basis. Set your accounts up to receive email notifications, or simply look at the notifications, respond as needed, and log off.
  3. Link your accounts and schedule posts. If you link your Instagram so that it posts to your Facebook page and Twitter account, you’ve instantly saved yourself time and money! You can schedule several posts at once on Facebook, or set up a social media management account like Hootsuite or Tailwind, which allows you to manage multiple accounts from one dashboard, and schedule posts.

I hope these suggestions help relieve the stress of building your social media presence, and allow you to use it for the power it has!