You’re a creative.
You’re passionately focused on building something that carries meaning (and let’s be honest — exists outside of a poorly-lit cubicle).


Maybe you’re a designer, artist, photographer, dancer or other creative professional and have encountered difficulty in figuring out how best to navigate the waters of marketing and business growth. Because your skills, approach and product are all unique, your business requires different strategies than you might be learning through general business settings and resources.

And that’s where we come in.
artboss takes the guesswork out of building your creative business.

Join us on April 21, 2018 for a day-long intensive workshop in Denver, CO targeting the unique marketing strategies creatives need to consider when actively growing a business.

  • Learn crucial skills for success in real life and the digital world.
  • Build your network and opportunities.
  • Create balance and discover strategies for building a plan around communication, social media, marketing and branding.

Because we are working artists AND marketers, we can bridge that all-too-often frustrating gap. And give you the tools you need to be an artboss. Reserve your spot today!

Your work matters. Get it out there.