the artboss workshop: take your own route from a to b.

In this one-day workshop targeted specifically for creative businesses and professionals, artboss facilitators guide you through the process of crafting your personal creative narrative as well as applying strategies that optimize your communication efforts through branding, web design, social media and networking.

Led by marketing expert and artist Jessica Loving-Campos and professional visual artist Julia Rymer, you will go beyond the basic social media workshop or online tutorials and immerse yourself in effective use of communication methods for creators and makers, including copywriting, web and social media platforms, branding and identity, and finally, networking.

Do the work with us. Learn how to take your business to the next level with discussions that include:

  • You are a Creative Entrepreneur — now own it.
    Getting out of the “hobby” mindset and finding your unique entrepreneurial voice. Did we mention “owning” it?
  • Tell your story.
    Compelling communication strategies — from your Instagram profile to your elevator pitch (and nearly everything in between).
  • Your online presence and what it says about you.
    All things social media. And let’s talk about your website, of course!
  • The Nitty-Gritty of Branding
    What it is and why it’s so important. 
  • Become a Master of Juggling
    Discover how to effectively juggle the business and creative sides of your business. And save a little time and sanity.
  • Think Outside of the Spacious White Box
    Current networking and community building for opportunities and connection. Discovering how traditional methods of connectivity might no longer apply.
  • The Art of Balance and Boundaries
    More aptly named: how to turn off your phone and your brain before you burn out.  Drawing big lines around your personal life.

This isn’t a summit where you sit in a conference room with a bunch of people who don’t talk to you and listen to a multitude of guest speakers drone on about topics that don’t apply to you.

This is a workshop that will shift your mindset, address your challenges, and provide you with a community of support.

Meet other working creative professionals in the Denver community and beyond. Receive one-on-one feedback about your roadblocks and obstacles. Invest in yourself and your creative business.

Taking place at Studio SMLK, a gorgeous artist residency and event space located in the exciting Santa Fe Arts District of Denver, this day of immersion includes meals and concludes with a special yoga class to round out the day.

Investment: $375. Max 30 participants.